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Our Philosophy

The goal at Cosmic Educare is to ensure that children receive the best experience at an early age, prepare them for the kindergarten and foster love for lifelong learning. In this safe, inclusive and developmentally appropriate classroom, Cosmic Educare provides Montessori work and Reggio inspired activities in accordance with our philosophy.

 “Children should live in an environment of beauty" Maria Montessori (1978). Environment is one of the core components in Montessori philosophy and we value the concept of “prepared environment with aesthetics”. Every corner of our Montessori classroom is purposefully designed and all the teaching materials are displayed in order from simple to complex, concrete to abstract. We design our environment to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration by the child. It also gives every child the freedom to fully develop their unique potential at their own pace, catering toward every child’s age and ability.

As a Reggio inspired school, environment is also the third teacher. We believe the aesthetically rich environment will not only engage the children’s attention and stimulate their mind, but also cultivate their morality and improve their aesthetic creativity. 

We provide bright and spacious classrooms for children to fully immerse themselves in learning through a rich array of educational resources. It creates numerous opportunities for children to explore, experiment, develop their provocations and test their theories. With the foldable sliding door and peaceful ocean view, we bring outdoor in whenever it suites the children’s interest. We offer as much as outdoor time for the children to enjoy their learning experiences in nature mother and awakened their curiosity by birds chirping and leaves rustling. 

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We offer prepared environment and plenty choices that help children to develop their independence, confidence and self-esteem.

We offer tailored program that are well designed, aiming to foster curiosity and creativity by following the interest of children. We believe in the power of creativity and cultivating it in both children and teachers.

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Love for Nature

We foster relationships with loving, passionate teachers and peers that enable children to grow in their empathy by putting themselves into others’ shoes and become considerate friends, thoughtful family members and effective team players.

We believe that a love for nature can help the children to explore the outdoor world with curiosity and wonder. Children can become the global citizen by protecting the environment and our planet.

International Partnership

We are partnered with Golden Sun International Education Group (2001) who successfully operates more than ten Montessori & Reggio inspired centers for children aged 0-12 years, which include Infant and Toddler Daycares, Pre-K and Kindergarten Centers, Children’s Fitness Centers, and extra-curricular learning Centers. GS also provides Theme-based Camps, Global Study Tours, and an Online Learning System (Cube Online) to connect and build relationships for families and children from all over the world.


We share the educational resources with GS to create a more well-rounded program with global vision. We hold seminars and workshops with GS periodically and teachers are encouraged to complete various observational tours in different countries, hence gain more updated experiences and global insights on the field.

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