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Cosmic Nutritious Meal Plan

Our school serves breakfast, hot lunch and afternoon snacks for children who choose the meal plan. We designed our monthly menus based on the updated Eat Well, Live Well with Canada’s Food Guide for children. 
When it comes to provide food and drink to the children, we understand that our influence on nutrition is significant to the children and their families. Our role is to ensure that children in our school receive nutritious meals and healthy snacks, learn good eating habits and develop healthy attitudes toward food. We offer a diverse variety of food that will ensure all our children are provided with the necessary nutrients to be successful in their day and further aid in their development and growth.
Due to COVID-19, meals are served individually and we make additional precautions to minimize the impact of infection and illness in order to maintain the health and safety environment for children and teachers. Visit us to learn more about our meal plan and nutrition policies.
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